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W07 Reflection: Google Ads & Keywords

This week we started working on Google ads and picking keywords. It is important to pick words carefully. The words cannot be too general, so you do not waist money pushing ads to customers who are not actually looking for your products. Another way to not send less money on the wrong customers is to use negative words. These are words which rule out some searches.  Another suggestion was to use three to ten words in the keyword phrase to help narrow the search parameters. Unfortunately, I have struggled with making phrases and narrowing parameters.  

On one of the discussion boards this week one of the students made an interesting suggestion about using keywords. --He said, “a good keyword also can inform potential customers of a product they weren't aware of. For example, I am selling medical ID decals that people can put on windows, cars, or objects. Now, that isn't a very common thing, but medical ID bracelets are. So, I am using medical ID bracelets as a keyword so that when people are looking for bracelets, they will see my ad and learn about decals and stickers that they might not have known about before.”--

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