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W06 Reflection: Legal Structure

This was legal structure, licenses, regulations, and taxes week. In his weekly screencast my professor said this is one of his favorite weeks. It is good when one can find joy even in life’s hardships and difficulties. I personally find it difficult to navigate government rules and regulations. It seems to be more challenge than it should be.       

But today the internet is helping make this a bit easier. There were several websites to help anyone who is looking to start a business.

These websites help with legal documents.



 Here are some that help with business licenses.

And websites for tax information.

We also finished up working on our personal websites this week. It was a difficult task and I feel once I get some distance from the project, I will see so many things which need to be fix. But, right now I feel like it turned out well. I gained so much knowledge from this assignment. I am really happy to have had a chance to do this project.

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