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W05 Reflection

This week was the start of web design and credit card payments. There were two good articles to help with beginning web design.

“Essential 2017 Web Design Trends” Yes, the article is a little old, but it is still had many good points. The article told how to make a good impression. Using clean design, easy navigation, authentic photos, and adding videos.

“A Beginners Guide to Building an E-Commerce Website” Again this article, being from January 2016, is a little old, but still helpful. The first few points we have already gone over in class in the past few weeks, but the other points were good for this week. Using a payment gateway, online marketing, and finding a web host.

My favorite website this week was the color pallet generator. I really like the example feature, so you can see how to apply the colors to your own website. This is also a color pallet generator, but it does not have the example feature.

Last we worked on building payment buttons using PayPal. PayPal has a number of different payment buttons you can build, which is good, because I will need a few different buttons for my website.

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