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This is our last week. Our last lesson was about link building to raise the SEO rank. This was a difficult for me. The articles were good, but they were not written for someone like me. I spent a lot of time looking up terms, but I made it through them and learned a new marketing technique to help drive traffic to my website. I will read them again to see if I can gleam more knowledge.

After making a plan for link building, we used WooRank to see how our own websites measured up. We also used the information to plan how best to improve our sites.

Last, there was also an activity with Google Analytics with an analytics demo.

 It was a great activity. I learned a lot, and it was the first time I have used Google and wasn’t completely frustrated. Google Analytics actually has a lot of great and helpful information. This was a great class. I learned a great deal about internet business, and I know I will use this on my own small business.

This week we learned how to make a plan for social media marketing and the best use of SEO and social media together.

There is a great article to help explain how to use social media to your advantage in SEO.

 5 SEO Strategies for Social Media Need to Know Before You Hit Publish (

All of the suggestions were very helpful, but the two biggest takeaways were;

  1. “Use on-page metadata wisely” – The article suggests writing page “HTML title and meta description that work ad an ‘ad’ in the results.” By writing page title like this they give more descriptive information when the page shows up in search engine results. Basically, they look like ads and could save you a bit of money because you won’t have to pay for ads.
  2.  The other takeaway was learning to speak spider, so search engines bots can get a better understanding of your website. Which in turn will help target it to the correct searchers.

The other articles was called 5 Steps to Creating a Successful Social Media Strategy for 2017 (

The was also a helpful video for making a social media marketing plan and an article.

How To Create a Social Media Marketing Plan For the New Year  (

How Does Social Media Affect Search Marketing


The first have of the week was dedicated to landing page optimization. There was a great article to help us find the places where our landing pages could be improved.

Article - 6 Essential PPC Landing Page Optimizations says you have five seconds to convince a customer you are what they are looking for. And it offers six things to do to make a landing page somewhere a customer wants to be.

  1. Pre-Populated Cursor: This one is good when you have a form a customer should fill out.
  2. Eye Contact: Instead of having a model look forward have them look at important information on the webpage.
  3. Testimonials: “build trust with prospective customers than to have existing customers sing your praises.”
  4. Point of Action Assurances: “if you put trust icons next to your submit buttons more people will click on them.”
  5. Match Headline with Intent: Make sure the page headline matches the ad headline, so customers know they are in the right place
  6. Drive a Single Call-to-Action: do not split the customer’s focus with multiple thing to do on the landing page.

Second, we worked on basic search engine optimization. The article for this part was also very helpful.

Article – A Visual Guide to Keyword Targeting and On-Page SEO This article has so many good pieces of advice and charts to explain their research. It was very helpful.