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This was legal structure, licenses, regulations, and taxes week. In his weekly screencast my professor said this is one of his favorite weeks. It is good when one can find joy even in life’s hardships and difficulties. I personally find it difficult to navigate government rules and regulations. It seems to be more challenge than it should be.       

But today the internet is helping make this a bit easier. There were several websites to help anyone who is looking to start a business.

These websites help with legal documents.



 Here are some that help with business licenses.

And websites for tax information.

We also finished up working on our personal websites this week. It was a difficult task and I feel once I get some distance from the project, I will see so many things which need to be fix. But, right now I feel like it turned out well. I gained so much knowledge from this assignment. I am really happy to have had a chance to do this project.

This week was the start of web design and credit card payments. There were two good articles to help with beginning web design.

“Essential 2017 Web Design Trends” Yes, the article is a little old, but it is still had many good points. The article told how to make a good impression. Using clean design, easy navigation, authentic photos, and adding videos.

“A Beginners Guide to Building an E-Commerce Website” Again this article, being from January 2016, is a little old, but still helpful. The first few points we have already gone over in class in the past few weeks, but the other points were good for this week. Using a payment gateway, online marketing, and finding a web host.

My favorite website this week was the color pallet generator. I really like the example feature, so you can see how to apply the colors to your own website. This is also a color pallet generator, but it does not have the example feature.

Last we worked on building payment buttons using PayPal. PayPal has a number of different payment buttons you can build, which is good, because I will need a few different buttons for my website.

It was a technical week. First, we finished project one. It was interesting to use the spreadsheet to make a business decision. It was helpful to see all the decisions in front of me in one spot. Looking at the data helped me understand how a some of my other business ideas will work or will need to be changed slightly.

Next, we learned how to pick a website builder. The site I am looking to build has a few technical needs I was worried about, but with the right site builder it should workout fine. Thankfully there are many drag and drop options to choose from.

Last was choosing a hosting site. This was good to learn the many options available. It was also good to have a guide to help point out what to look for. Ultimately, the person who I am building the site for will need to decide what features he is looking for. If that host works with AdWords and the other criteria for the rest of the semester, then that is the one I will work with.    

This week there was a lot of great information about simplifying the startup process of an ecommerce business.

“10 Tips for Finding a Wholesale Distributor”

This was a great article with great tips. Two things which were very interesting was, one start with the manufacturer. The article says, “you can either get the lowest prices or at least get a list of the most reputable distributors to kick off your search.”

Second the article recommends looking for small wholesale lots on eBay.

Another important tip was keeping up with your industry in as may ways as possible. Join groups, forums, go to trade shows and so on.

There were two excellent articles on drop shipping.

“Drop Shipping Guide – Tips, Companies, Resources, and Directories”

“The Definitive Guide to Dropshipping with AliExpress”

The second article was very thorough and gave good pointers for working through common problems.

Affiliate Marketing Blog article “Affiliate Newbies” was an easy crash course in helping me understand what affiliate marketing is. It also explained there is actual a startup cost involved and it takes time before you see any returns. But it is sometime that a new eCommerce business person can do easily.